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6th October, 2020 at 5:00pm
Online (Zoom)

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'As we navigate our way to a new normal, in a world turned upside down by the global coronavirus pandemic, one thing is certain: the need to address workplace culture, mental health and wellbeing has never been clearer'. 50% discount for MWC Members.
Getting to the heart of the challenges our workplaces are facing with the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. 50% Discount for MWC Members.
Psychiatrist, Dr. Florian Ruths will once again join us with writer & consultant Dan Nixon to discuss 'Mindfulness & The Attention Economy' - societal, economic and emotional implications.
In a fast-changing world, Make A Difference Asia is the conference and exhibition that equips employers with the region-specific insights, strategy and contacts they need to stay ahead. 50% Discount for all MWC Members.