A curated list of free mindfulness resources for health and care workers to support them through a time of crisis. PDF Download: COVID-19 & Mindfulness: Resources for Health & Care Staff
In February 2020 we launched the Mindful Workplace Community at an event hosted by HSBC at their London HQ. It was a very thought provoking morning with impressive and passionate presentations from both Mari Thorman (Chief Enterprise Business Architect and Chair of mindfulness @HSBC Network) and Matt Champion (Customer Innovation Director and Global Mindfulness@SAP). With thanks to […]
Inspired by recent critiques of instrumentalised mindfulness training, Mindfulness Initiative director Jamie Bristow has written a piece for openDemocracy asking why critics paint inner development as a barrier to better systems when, amidst crisis and complexity, we need both. Time for new thinking about mindfulness and social change – openDemocracy, September 3rd 2019.
Mindfulness Initiative Director Jamie Bristow was asked to comment by The Guardian newspaper on the success of mindfulness programme trials in the UK police force. These results are great news for service commissioners seeking to fund training for frontline public services.   Stop and breathe: police staff offered meditation lessons Trial across five forces finds […]