Covid-19 Message to our Friends and Supporters

At this incredibly difficult time we wanted to send a message to our Friends of the Mindfulness Initiative and the Mindful Workplace Community.

It has struck us all that at a time when we are having to separate from each other physically how grateful we are to have our wide network of friends to connect with online and with whom we can share support.

We also wanted to inform you of a three-month, £50.00 discounted crisis membership we are offering to help you stay connected through our network and upcoming webinars.

Even more importantly, we wanted to reach out and encourage all of us to connect. Please do use this Community as it was designed, a place where people can support and be supported.

At the recent launch of the Mindful Workplace Community, Jamie Bristow (Director, Mindfulness Initiative) said that the world needed mindfulness more than ever to have the challenges that lay ahead. Little did he know at the time how acutely appropriate that observation would prove to be.

Whilst the circumstances we all face have changed beyond anything we could have anticipated when we launched The Mindful Workplace Community, the reason for its establishment have, if anything, become more pertinent and more relevant. We hope and believe that as a community, we will be able to support each other through these challenges.

Email: if you have any questions about membership or would simply like to say hello. We would love to hear from you.

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