MWC statement in support of #BlackLivesMatter

The Mindful Workplace Community team wishes to acknowledge the deaths of George Floyd and others, and the pain felt by families, friends and communities of black and minority ethnic people all over the world as they are reminded of the traumas they have endured as a result of racism and systemic inequalities in society.

As custodians of the Mindful Workplace Community, we are committed to addressing racism and racial inequalities and will take proactive steps to do so by implementing initiatives that will contribute positively to the principles of non-judgement, compassion and moment by moment Mindfulness.

We will report back to The Community on this, and encourage Community members to share their thoughts and views on it with us – where preferred, members are very welcome to contribute such feedback confidentially.

Please contact The Mindful Workplace Community Director, Theresa Dzendrowskyj, if you have any questions or would like to provide confidential feedback. Email:

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